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Driven by concerns around climate change and dependence on fossil fuels, Firelight Infrastructure Partners recognizes that there is an increasing demand for clean, reliable and sustainable energy.


However, while demand is growing, moving renewable energy projects forward remains a challenging process. A significant up-front investment is required for development and construction, and Firelight knows how difficult it can be for even well-established project developers to secure capital.


Firelight matches its strong capital position and proven investment capabilities with project developers who have vision, experience and technical expertise, but lack the capital required to bring their projects to fruition.

Firelight looks for the following when evaluating potential partners and investment opportunities:

  • Quality development teams who have strong project management skills, a thorough understanding of permitting and approvals, and demonstrated

  • Technical expertise

  • Proven technologies

  • A short development timeframe and a clear line of sight to commercial operation

  • Strict environmental compliance

  • Energy sources: Firelight's primary investments have been in wind, run-of-river hydro and solar. It has a thorough understanding of these sources and is focused on these sectors – although it is open to considering other sources of renewable energy.

  • Projects that deliver positive change to communities they serve, including job creation, an increased tax base or attributes such as economic benefits to local land owners and area businesses.

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